This website is purposed to give introduction to ancient Indian literature used for wisdom, also called as Upanishadhas. There are many commentry written on this topic not only by Indian but also by great peoples all across the world. Upnishads are container of pure knowledge of spirituality, which is preserved by Indians , even today. It’s very hard to get real meaning of the saying in the Upnishadas. 

This website is attempt to give closet meaning of upanishadhas to the world , with help of our available resources. Also we are not taking any money from our web visitors. Users can see some ads in future , as to sustain this website maintainance cost like domain names and  web hosting etc.

This website is run by the Stitpragya Technologies , which is based in Ahmednagar a small town in the heart of Maharashtra state of Republic India. This is one experiment to share excellent wisdom in the world i.e. UPANISHADHAS with the world. 

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